1. Competing against others is socially enjoyable.                               

2. Before I compete I feel uneasy. 

3. Before I compete I worry about not performing well. 

4. I am a good sport when I compete. 

5. When I compete I worry about mistakes. 

6. Before I compete I am calm. 

7. Setting a goal is important when competing. 

8. Before I compete I get a queasy feeling in my stomach. 

9. I notice my heart beats faster than usual before a competition. 

10. I like to compete in games that demand considerable physical energy.

11. Before I compete I feel relaxed. 

12. Before I compete I am nervous.

13. Team sports are more exciting than individual sports. 

14. I get nervous wanting to start the game. 

15. Before I compete I usually get uptight. 

Directions: Below are some statements about how people feel when they compete in sports and games. Read each statement and decide if you HARDLY EVER or SOMETIMES or OFTEN feel this way when you compete in sports and games. Check the appropriate answer. There are no right or wrong answers. Remember to choose the word that best describes how you actually feel when competing in sports and games.  

Competitive State Anxiety Inventory
The Ultimate Judgment of Progress is:
Measurable results in reasonable time.