The PR Training Group is a training and educational program designed to provide professional guidance to all levels of runners. The mission of the PR Training Group is to improve the quality of the running experience, optimize performance possibilities and improve the runner’s knowledge base in the areas of performance physiology, performance nutrition, training / racing tactics, proper equipment utilization and injury prevention.

Each training session will focus on a relevant training concept or goal, such as, biomechanics (running posture), the long run, tempo runs, lactate threshold runs, vo2max runs and on-the-run nutrition.

Note: it’s not an issue if you’re presently following a dedicated training program. I will help you understand and learn the why’s, the how’s, and the when’s of your program.

Who: runners age 14 and up, all ability levels.

Where: Various locations in our local area.

When: times vary, usually weekend days.

*** = race opportunities - application of racing tactics 

Time: varies

Support: on-the-run nutrition and hydration support to all runners each and every run.

Cost: this is the Beta Test Phase of the program so there is no cost to you. Bring a friend…let’s make this an awesome experience.​

Coach Davis: 443-528-4685
The PR Training Group
The Ultimate Judgment of Progress is:
Measurable results in reasonable time.